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sEnD For sB.是什么意思啊?麻烦再举一个例句,谢谢!

send for sb 派人去请某人

寄给某人的意思send还有其它用法一起告诉你了send1及物动词 vt. 1.发送,寄[O1][O2][(+to)]She sent me a Christmas card. 她给我寄来一张圣诞贺卡. Please have this note sent to Mr. Harrison. 请派人把这张条子送给哈里森先生. You'd better

send for sb. to do sth.是指请某人来做某事 如:I send for a cleaner to do the washing.我请了个清洁工来打扫.

I sent the letter to him. 我把信送给他了 . He gave his to the police. 他把钱交给警察了. I made dinner for my parents. 我为父母做了一顿饭. 第二句掉了个词 He gave his money to the police. 他把钱交给警察了

send children school表达的是“送孩子上学”.例句:the problems which arise from unfair trade result in thousands and thousand of people living in very hard circumstances with no money to feed their families, send children school, access health

send for some reasonsend to sb.send for some reason from some place/body to some place/body

为准备 比如:My mather intends a gift for my birthday.

show me your teeth给我看看你的牙;send the book to me把那本书给我.

Tom is very ill .We must send for a doctor.汤姆病得很厉害,我们必须去请一个医生.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.祝你进步.请尽快采纳.

send up . . vi. 提出(上升,检举,提高) 1. 发出 2. 射出 3. 呈递 4. 发射 1. Any increase in production costs is bound to send up prices. 生产成本的增加必定使价格上涨. 2. Star:"Have already send up." 星:“已经送上去啦.” 3. Could you

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