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poken greetings are customary or ritualised words or phrases used to introduce oneself or to greet someone. In English, some common verbal greetings are:"Hello" the most common verbal greeting in English-speaking countries, and related

[图文] formal C. save C. chose C. function C. originally C. succeeded C. xceptions C. actually C. Moreover ks 1 than words. According to specialists, our bodies send out more 2 than we realize. In fact, non-verbal

in public and in formal situations many Japanese do not show their emotions as freely as Americans In fact, non-verbal (非言语) communication takes up about 50% of what we really 3 .And body

[图文] non-verbal(非言语)communication takes up about 50% of what we really 3 .And body language is greetings D. telephone D. enemies D. by all means D. experimem D. following D. away D. coming out

Verbal expression is better.Sums?Arithmetic?No,reallife mathematical situations are more understandathe teachers,let alone the children; even more often,the relaxed discipline so essential for the "

keep :保存(多久时间)How long can I keep the book?保持(状态):keep warm/silent/up/off/away等维持(和平等):keep peace记,写(日志等):keep diary阻止,妨碍:keep sb from doing sth继续做某事 keep doing sthlast:持续(多久时间):The rainy days will last one week.(时间)刚刚过去的:last week上周(顺序)最后的 the last week

如果是私人身份(boys to boys)的基本上都会是what up,或者是yo然后会做个hand shake 啊 什么的

你好!proposal 提议suggestion 建议motion 动议希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

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