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FAll out是什么意思啊

fall out 英[f:l aut] 美[fl at] 争吵;结果;解散; 掉队 [例句]Anything that 's considered cool is almost guaranteed to fall out of fashion.任何酷毙了事物几乎无一例外地注定有一天将不再流行.

fall-out n. 辐射尘英英解释:名词 fall-out:the radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion 同义词:fallout, radioactive dustany adverse and unwanted secondary effect 同义词:side effect, fallout动词 fall-out:have a breach in


fall out 是名词词性,英英解释the adverse results of a situation or action. 不利的结果或影响.例句:"he's prepared to take calculated risks regardless of political fallout" 他已准备好承担已知的风险,而不顾政治后果.Ed Miliband doesn't want to

fall out 发生;脱落;争吵;离队;结果是 fall: 动词 过去式:fell 过去分词:fallen n. 秋天,落下,瀑布 v. 倒下,落下,来临




fall out of[英][f:l aut v][美][fl at v]从…掉了下来; 例句:1.If you fall out of that tree and break you leg, dont come running to me. 如果你从树上掉下来摔断了腿,别跟我这哭哭啼啼的.2.You fall out of the van? 你从货车上掉出来?3.Did you

fallin in and out (在爱中)沉浮fallin out 即是 (从爱中)脱身而出 的意思

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