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栝楼- fructus trichosanthis 银杏- gingkgo, gingko 板栗- Chinese chestnut 金沙泉- 紫砂壶- 笋茶- 白虾- 银鱼- whitebait 大闸蟹- hairy crab,mitten crab 鲚鱼- anchovy 银杏长廊- 金钉子- 没写的,不清楚……

这个系统题出的真是令人无语 我来翻译一下,这句话的意思是,度娘喜欢把她的私处到处展示

一般没有china movies的表达,会说china's movies,更侧重归属,一般还是 chinese movies表达居多的

chinese girls pussy tiny audio 意思是 短银屏,中国女孩的小妹妹

chinese ice skating erotic video 中国滑冰情色视频

有没有人知道“distance learning”中文叫什么?答案: 函授(或以下)distance learning


I think perhaps only chinese will search "baidu" ,because foreigners likes "google" not "baidu".You also can improve your English by watching foreign moives.I hope I can help you.

We become mature(成熟的) girls or boys, or at least we 56 __ we are. At the same time, our in the passage means in Chinese. A.震感 B.震源 C.余震 D.防震 It was Dragon Boat Festival(端午节

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