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英语作文 校规 初三

Every school has its own rules for students. Every students must wear school uniforms at school. we must listen to teacher and not eat snacks and drink any thing in class.Homework must be done neatly and handed in time. In library, we shouldn't

Dear Jim, I've been studying in this new school for about a month. There are many school rules. Such as, we should wear school uniforms on weekdays. We shouldn't be late for school. If we have anything wrong, we should ask for a leave. We

As for the school rules ,I agree to most of them ,which are necessary ,but disagree with a few unreasonable ones . For instance ,I think it's good for school children to do eye exercise and morning exercise every day .Some of my classmates don'

There are several rules in our school. First, we should wear uniform in our school in order to keep our school more beautiful and this behavior would diminish the opportunities for students to make comparison among themselves. Second, we should

like every country has laws. our school also has school rules. students must get to school on time. they should wear school uniforms on weekdays. they shouldn't bring some things to school, such as, dangerous knives, cell phones and so on. they

Writing school rules: 1 speech in the classroom into chaos, to listen carefully, do not bring food into the cafeteria, to maintain the classroom quiet, clean after-school homework 2 3 4 in the school to wear uniforms to protect plants and trees 5 school with friendlyteachers and students

We have moved to a new school and have made the following rules:1 Go to school and go home on time. No running or shouting in the school2 No drawing on the walls3 No cycling in the school4 Wear school uniform everyday5 No shouting indoors

Every nation has its own laws. School has its own rules. Different school may have different rules. In my school, students are allowed to bring drinks to school. They can bring

校规 国有国法,家有家规,校有校规.在我们的生活中也有各种规则,道路有交通规则,就连游戏也有规则,各种各样的规则约束着我们,让我们在各种环境下能井然有序地生活着.有一次,刚放学,就听到有人喊道:“风雨亭里有人打起来了

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