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What's this?This's a pen.How to spell?P-e-n.How to use?Like this.How about that?That's a rubber.How to spell?R-u-b-b-e-r.Is that pencil?Yes,it is.Your pencil-case is beautiful.Thank you.

A pencase is on the desk There is a pencase on the desk On the desk laying a pencase

Your pen is in pencil box 如果能够帮助你解决问题,那么希望你点击“采纳”【并为我的回答评分】举手之劳,将鼓励我们继续解答其他QQ网友的问题,谢谢 不懂请追问 谢谢采纳我的建议 祝你开心,快乐,幸福

pencil box; pencil文具;box盒;

1 尺子 rule 2 计算尺slide rule 3 钢笔 pen 4 圆珠笔 ball point pen 5 自来水笔(fountain) pen 6 光笔highlighter 7 头笔permanent marker 8 水性笔roller ball pen 9 白板笔whiteboard marker 10 铅笔 pencil 11 自动铅笔propelling pencil 12 蜡笔crayon

My Writing case a year ago my mother bought me,although it has the "old",but I still treasure it.My Writing case not only looks beautiful and very large role.Writing case for me to learn to use,but under this huge box,but also "hide" the four little

你有几个铅笔盒?用英文表达是:How many pencil boxes do you have ?注:完全没有问题,希望帮助到您.请及时点击采纳.

stationary:文具pen钢笔 pencil铅笔 eraser橡皮擦 printer打印机 projector 投影仪ruler尺子 paper 纸张 notebook 笔记本

writing case文具盒的英语

my pencil box is not on the dining table,it's on the desk

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