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四年级下册my mothEr英语作文8句左右带翻译

I often think so. After one day, old mother, his face weathered gully, swarthy face showed me some sad. Such as a pair of man-like, such as bark-like hands, yes, that is the hands, they will give me a warm soothe my mother's face covered with

My mother's name is XXX.She works in a company. She is a woker. She works very hard.She has long black hair.Her eyes are big ang beautiful.She is tall.But she is a bit fat.She is kind.But sometimes she is strict to me , when I can't focus on study

My Mother My mother is a great woman, In my family, everyday she gets up very early and cook many delicious foods for us. When we go to school, she dose the housework and then she still needs to go to her company to do her own work. She is so

My mother is kind, she's very beautiful. She does much housework everyday. And she helps me with my homework. She cooks very well, I love my mother.

my mother is an ordinary person,who has normal life as other people.she is simple and contributing to my family all the time.she is common but she gave me marvellous life.my mother always treated things very understandingly and used her

My mother name is Xue Jianmei. She looks a little fat. She is tall. She has long hair. She wears a pair of glasses. And she always smiles sweetly.My mother likes shopping. Every weekend she drives me to study English, and then, she goes for

My mother My mother is very beautiful.(我的妈妈非常漂亮) She is a worker(她是一名工人) so she is always busy every day.(因此她每天都非常的忙) But she loves her job.(但是她非常热爱她的工作) This is my mother.(这就是我的妈妈) I love my mother.(我爱我的妈妈)

My Mother isa kind and gentle woman.She is always very gentle.She takes good care of her children and keeps them all at school.I have one brother and two sistets.So she gets four children in all.She gives us every comfort.We all love her and she

Everyone comes the world with a mother, it is mother who gives birth to us and then raises us with her patience and caring. There is a Mothers' Day every year, it is to remind people of their honor to their mothers. There is no doubt that mother is the

I have a happy family.我有个幸福的家庭 There are my father ,my mother and me.有爸爸妈妈和我.My father is a manger .我爸爸是个经理 He is always busy.他总是很忙 And my mother is a teacher.我妈妈是位老师 She teaches Englisn.她教英语.

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