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代购用英文说:procurement service;go top;buy on sb.'s behalf 短语:正品代购 GOOGIMS ; SAKUN ; PANCOAT ; five plus;香港代购 izzue ; Bobbi ; UVtang ; Nike Dunk High LR;日本代购用英文表达:procurement service of Japanese product;

procurement service 代购procurement service of Japanese product 日货代购co purchasing并购(并购就是指企业的兼并和收购)

代购词典buy on sb.'s behalf:代购.词典act as a purchasing agent:代购.

代购基本翻译buy on sb.'s behalf网络释义代购:mersh|redhomme专业代购:qnigirls|pinkygirl|cherrykoko韩国代购:qng|nibbuns|bid in korea

There is a generation gap between parents and children.希望能够帮到楼主

展开全部(1)Today's teenager is a young adult; he is more mature and responsible than the teenagers of previous generations. Nevertheless, he is beset with customary trials natural to his age group-disconcerting periods of self-doubt and other

procurement service 代购 seckill service 代拍

海外代购的英文:overseas purchasing

海外代购热潮_翻译结果:Overseas act as purchasing agency boom

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: Australia purchasing希望我的回答对你有帮助.

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